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LSR’s lifeline: Balbir Sir

College life is sure a crazy time when you need lots of things: From permissions to hold events, to random mic checks, to occasional dose of motivation. Well, students of Lady Shri Ram College for...

Painting life and Dreams: All at once! 0

Painting life and Dreams: All at once!

Have you ever been deluded into believing that 60 is the retirement age and no good, either financially or career-wise comes in after that? Clearly, you’ve been deluded and the super inspiring story of...


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Dr. Ramindra Dhillon: The Rebel

Well, people say old age is about constant trips to the dispensary and doctors. Well, people aren’t always right. Meet, Dr. Ramindra Dhillon- A name that should be known to all of us for...


Age Healthy: The perfect new year resolution

With the new year extravaganza finally giving way to routine daily life, many of us might already have felt our ‘new year resolutions’ slipping out of our hand already. Well, if you’re also one...


The Man Who Drew A Thousand Souls, and More.

Whoever said it’s too late to follow your dreams has certainly not met the 82-year-old retired station director from All India Radio (AIR). With over 3000 portraits ranging from the faces of well-known personalities,...


Traveller at 77!

  You’re never too old or too young to follow your dreams, take it from the 77-year-old Ramani Nair, dotingly known as “Oppol” (meaning sister in Malayalam). A woman of several beautiful colors, married...